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Mimi + Ricardo | Woodland, California Engagement

Apr 4, 2018

WHEN you get the opportunity to photograph someone who also works in the wedding industry, you know you’re in for a treat! Especially when they are as sweet and as gorgeous as Mimi and her man, Ricardo. These two were a little bit more on the timid side when we started talking about their engagement session. They admitted that they didn’t always like photos of themselves. This came as a total shock to me because as long as I have known Mimi I have always thought to myself, “Wow, she’s so pretty!”


WELL I think it is an underestimate when I say how happy I am that they decided to go through with their engagement session! And I think they are too! In the middle of the session, I turned the camera around for them to see how the photos were looking. After a gasp from both of them, Ricardo exclaimed, “Is that us??” I laughed and replied, “It sure is!” This was the best response I could have gotten! I know they were skeptical at first, but now we were laughing and having a blast the whole time.


MY favorite part of the day was toward the end when we went to Ricardo’s walnut orchard. Ricardo is a walnut farmer and walnuts are life for him and his family¬†(check out his license plate when you scroll down)! It was in this very orchard where he took Mimi for a little picnic one day not too long ago. Ricardo had a beautiful speech all planned out, but as life goes, a little something got a little in the way. His plan was to use the trees as a metaphor of their love: they may be small now in their beginning, but with time they will only grow more and more. In the middle of his story, however, a bee decided it liked Mimi and she was no longer focused so much on Ricardo but on getting away from the bee. In a crazy turn of events, the bee actually stung her! Talk about having an eventful proposal story! Needless to say, Ricardo was eventually able to finish his story, propose and Mimi accepted.


IN honor of their proposal, they wanted to have a few of their engagement photos taken in the very spot where Ricardo proposed. As a hopeless romantic myself, how could I resist?? I can’t wait to come back to this spot with them for their 5, 10, 25, and 50th anniversaries to celebrate their ever growing love. And to see how much those trees have grown!

CONGRATULATIONS Mimi + Ricardo! I can’t wait to watch your love story grow.


*Hair and make up by Beauty by Melanie P | IG: @beautybymelaniep








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