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Kristen + Gus | Romantic California Winery Engagement | Rancho Victoria Vineyard | Plymouth, CA

Jul 17, 2018

Driving through the golden, rolling hills of California on my way to Kristen and Gus’ engagement session, I thought to myself how much I love living in this state. This thought was only solidified as we drove through the entrance of Rancho Victoria Vineyard in Plymouth, California. Where else can you drive just 45 minutes from your home and feel like you’re in the middle of Tuscany, Italy?? This place is nothing shy of beautiful. From the rustic windmill that greets you upon entry to the beautiful horses in their stable to the lush grape vines. We could not have found a more perfect location for this engagement session.

What made the whole session even better is that Kristen and Gus were equally as beautiful, inside and out. We decided to drive together to the vineyard which was so much fun! Getting to talk to them and learn more about them was an absolute blast. I love getting to know my #comptonsweethearts! We laughed and shared stories and I got some insider tips on some of their wedding details. Spoiler alert: It’s going to be amazing!

We got to talking about their first dance. I had never heard the song so Kristen played it for me right away (no I will not tell you what the song is… yet. hehe). As the song started, her best friend who joined us on the shoot, related to me the first time she heard Kristen sing this song. She knew by the sound in Kristen’s voice and the twinkle in her eye that something was different. She was looking at a woman in love. And this is exactly what I saw as I watched Kristen looking over at Gus while the song played on in the car. Gus would have looked over at Kristen with the same look in his eye I’m sure, but I’m ok that he didn’t because he was driving! But it’s ok, because I was able to capture his own loving glance in their photos.

Kristen and Gus, I’m happy to be a part of your beautiful love story and I can’t wait for your October wedding! Welcome to the October wedding club =D

Look who wanted to join in the photo shoot!

#Besties #BrideSquad #ItsAlwaysOkToBringYourBestieOnYourEngagementShoot


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