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Hi there! Welcome to the  blog, a journal about my life, work and some other pretty things!

Hi, I'm kylie.

Lashes by Brenda Kay | Downtown Sacramento, California

Aug 30, 2018

One thing I love about my job is working with other entrepreneurs from all walks of life! I get to meet so many amazing men and women who love what they do and work hard to do it. I draw personal inspiration from each and every one of them.

Being a business owner is not always a walk in the park. Yes, we get to wear our PJ’s while we work, wear our hair in a messy bun and not have to put on make up, but don’t get me wrong… we. work. Hard! We don’t have 9-5 business hours, sick leave, or paid vacation. And if you ask most any business owner, their brain never stops working. You’re constantly thinking, constantly planning, constantly WORKING! I know I’ve woken up out of a straight sleep at 2 in the morning with some kind of business idea. Then I CANNOT sleep again until I have written it down and know it won’t be forgotten.

However, if you ask me if I would change a thing, my answer would be… no! I love my #kyliecomptoncouples. I love making people happy. I love photographing one of the biggest days of people’s lives. It’s thrilling, it’s exhilarating, it’s FUN! I find my drive and inspiration from other amazing business people, even if they’re not in the same industry as me.

One such person is Brenda Nguyen. She is an amazing person in the business world and in the regular world. Brenda is a lash artist in Sacramento, CA. She is a hard working, talented woman whom I majorly respect. She has done my lashes before and I can’t even put into words how amazing I felt! They were perfect. So when she reached out to me about a photo shoot for her website that she is building, how could I resist?? She found the beautiful Svetlana and the dream team was born! Keep scrolling to see a few of my favorites from our downtown shoot.


The beautiful Miss Brenda Nguyen!

I wish Brenda could come with me on every shoot!

Eye Lash Extensions | Lashes by Brenda Kay

Model | Svetlana Rudenkiy



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