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Hi there! Welcome to the  blog, a journal about my life, work and some other pretty things!

Hi, I'm kylie.

Avery + Chromel | Phoenix, AZ Wedding | Orabella Banquet Hall

Sep 9, 2018

With this huge cactus craze going around right now, I was Over. The. Moon. about photographing a wedding in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona! This also gave me the opportunity to add to my list of destination locations where I have been able to photograph a wedding. It fulfilled my little travel addicted, cactus loving heart.

One trick to destination weddings is packing. Not only do you have to pack the normal stuff (clothes, toothbrushes, shoes, hair products, etc.), but you also have to pack all of your camera gear (cameras, batteries, extra batteries, lights, light stands, and the list goes on).

Fortunately in my travels over my life time, I have only had a handful of luggage issues. Two of them, however, have happened in the Phoenix airport on two different airlines. There is just something about Phoenix that is apparently a black hole for my bags. Since I do NOT take risks when it comes to my clients and their wedding days, I carried on ALL of my camera gear and boy am I sure glad I did!

I arrived in Phoenix, delayed an hour and a half, around 11:00 pm. I was tired and still needed to get my rental car and get to where I was staying. As I stand in baggage claim half asleep, watching the carousel go round and round, I am suddenly snapped awake when I realize the carousel has stopped going round and round. This is never good. This is when I usually am walking away with my bag, leaving the poor souls behind whose bags have not been safely delivered to them from plane. Alas, today I was one of those poor souls.

I grab my carry on bags and make my way over to the counter with the other 2 people who were also left bagless. Apparently our bags had gotten off in Burbank without us! At this point, I was just glad they at least knew where my bag was and it wasn’t lost. At least they could fly it back to us, but of course, there were no more flights that night. I would have to wait until the next day to get my bag. I gave the airline worker my info and headed off to get my car. At least I had my camera gear. Worst case scenario, I could go buy a dress and some shoes and a tooth brush.

I am happy to report that my bag did make it me the next day and I didn’t have to go buy new everything and I had the best time at Avery and Chromel’s wedding! These two are completely and totally in love. From every silly face Avery made to each look of total adoration from Chromel, it was a day for the books. And the Phoenix heat stayed at bay! It was a beautiful, sunny day and we ended it by dancing the night away.

Thank you Avery and Chromel for being an amazing #kyliecomptoncouple. I can’t wait to meet the next couple who will bring me along on their life’s adventure! The sky’s the limit.

Until next time,



One big happy family!

Congrats baby cuz!


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