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Dear Nick | The Best 5 Years Of My Life

Oct 25, 2018

Dear Nick,

Five years ago today, I married my best friend… you. We were young and a little crazy, but we didn’t care. In my mind and heart, I knew this was right  And, well… I was right… as usual. Jk jk! But I really was right. I was right because the man I was marrying was a man with the best and most loving heart I had ever met. You cared, and still care, more about others than you do yourself, and more about doing what is right than keeping an ego in tact. I knew that with a man like you by my side, I could not go wrong. I could not fail. I knew that if I had you to help lead me through life, everything would be ok. And boy has it been… and so much more.

Over the last 5 years, we have done a lot. I moved to a whole new city, we have made many new friends, built a tiny house, adopted the two cutest dogs, broken my butt (literally) and traveled to some pretty cool places. Some days, I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years. Other days, I think, “ has it really only been 5 years?” We have done so much in such a relatively short time that it’s crazy we got it all into just 5 years. It’s a good thought though, I promise. 

This last year has honestly been my favorite. It’s not because we accomplished some huge goal we have been working toward or discovered the secret to a perfect marriage. No. This year has had a lot of calm moments. Moments when I reflect on my life and the choices I’ve made and how happy I am that I have made them. I know I haven’t been and am not always the easiest person to live with, but you love me despite it all! And that has been what has made this the best year yet.

I love you boo (yes we actually call each other that. lol!) and cannot wait to see what is next for us.




We’re engaged!

Such babies!

Engagement photos!

Wedding Day! 10/25/13

My favorite picture from our wedding day! Love me some Port of Subs!

6 month anniversary – Mendocino, CA

1 Year Anniversary – Monterey, CA

Our first baby! Little Opie

Building our Tiny House with our Tiny Puppy

20s party!

One of the only reasons my dad let me marry him lol! #gogiants!

Our second baby, Buddy!



Pismo Beach, CA

And of course… Compton!

It’s been a fun 5 years

5 year anniversary shoot by Brenna Heater!









  1. Richard says:

    Very Nice. 🙂

  2. VICKI BRUNET says:

    What a beautiful review of the last 5 years! Happy 5th Anniversary to you both!

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