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Romantic Marina Wedding | Marina Village, San Diego, CA | Sierra and Jentzen

Apr 5, 2019

So… what do you say when your long time friend just got engaged and asks you to photograph her wedding, but it’s the day after your own 5 year anniversary party? Oh, and it’s in San Diego, but you’re in Sacramento? Well… You say YES of course!!

Some of you may think I’m crazy (my husband and my parents included). But I prefer the word dedicated! I’ll admit, sometimes those words can be pretty synonymous. Still, the dedicated person that I am is ready for anything and everything. ESPECIALLY for my #kyliecomptonbrides! And boy am I ever glad that I said yes.

If you’ve ever heard a woman say, “I want someone who looks at me the way he looks at her,” I can say for CERTAIN they were talking about Jentzen and the way he looks at Sierra. And the best part? Sierra looks back at him the exact same way. I have never used the words “true love” so much in one day! It really was a complete honor to be able to be a small part of this love story on this beautiful San Diego day. I was so happy these two took advantage of the golden hour so we could get even more portraits in right before sunset to capture even more of this amazing day. I highly suggest this to any of my brides!

Anyone who knows Sierra knows her as a quiet beauty. She is fun and lovable, yet still kind and reserved. She doesn’t rush toward the spotlight like some would. This is actually how, even though I’ve known her a long time, I never knew she sang! And when I say sang, I mean SANG! Sierra has a beautiful voice and she took the opportunity to express herself during this reception through the words of a song she wrote just for Jentzen. Goodness, if this doesn’t have you crying yet, just wait until you scroll down and see his reaction! This could not have been a more perfect gift for her music loving fiance, and for all of us who were there to witness that moment.

Sierra and Jentzen, I can not express enough how much I enjoyed getting to know you both better and getting to know you as a couple. You are both beautiful, but together, nothing can stop you! I am excited to see where you two go and what you do with your life together. I can guarantee that you’re going to do amazing things. Thank you again so much.



All the feels!!

There’s nothing like having your sister right by your side.

Golden Hour! Always some of my favorite images of the day.










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