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Hi there! Welcome to the  blog, a journal about my life, work and some other pretty things!

Hi, I'm kylie.

Royal Blue Forest Wedding | Forest House Lodge | Foresthill, California | Kelsey + Brian

Aug 20, 2019

Have you ever had that feeling? You know, THAT feeling. The feeling you get when you suddenly realize that you’re in the wrong place. I don’t know about you, but I usually have a mini panic attack while reaching for my phone to pull up the GPS just for it to tell me, “Yup, you’re at the wrong Starbucks because there are about 50 million Starbucks and you didn’t specify the address!” Yup, THAT feeling.

Now just imagine that you’re on your way to your first date… and you’re meeting this person for the first time! That was the situation Kelsey found herself in on her way to her first date with her now husband Brian. Kelsey and Brian live in Portland, Oregon (by the way you guys, I still am going to come visit you sometime because Portland is definitely on my “to visit” list). They met online and finally made plans to meet for the first time! The perfect spot was chosen, Salt and Straw Ice Cream. The time and date were set. Sparks were about to fly!

Now, the one benefit of there billion a zillion Starbucks around is that if you go to the wrong location, most likely you are within 5 minutes of the one you were SUPPOSED to be at. This, however, was not the case for Kelsey, who was currently on her way to the WRONG Salt and Straw. When she realized the error of her ways, she quickly (and safely at red lights as she informed me!) looked up the correct location… 30 minutes away! She frantically texted Brian, again only while safely stopped at red lights, who was waiting for her. Brian thought that maybe Kelsey was trying to blow him off and he wondered if he should wait around or just leave. Thank you to some persisting from his best friend and now best man, I can definitely say that he made the right choice and stayed. The sparks may have been delayed in traffic, but boy was it worth the wait!

Kelsey and Brian had the words of Coldplay and The Chainsmoker’s song “Something Just Like This” recited during their ceremony and I couldn’t help but have a new found appreciation for that song and those words. “I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts. Some superhero, some fairytale bliss. Just something I can turn to. Somebody I can kiss. I want something just like this.”

Kelsey, I can honestly say that  you found your superhero. And Brian, Kelsey is an absolute fairytale. I am so happy to have gotten to spend time with you, to converse with you, to laugh with you and to talk Disney with you! You two deserve the world and beyond. I am so excited for your life together as Mr. and Mrs. Block. Love you guys!

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